On the Hook is an relaxing 'chain fishing' game, where you need to catch fish in order of weight and eventually catch the big bad elder fish. 

Each fish you catch is worth a certain amount of points, multiplied by their weight. You also gain combo points for the amount of fish you bring in all at once. 

So the goal is to catch the most fish you can before the elder fish, while being aware of the weight system, as you cannot catch fish that have a lower weight than the last one you catched, and you also can't catch fish that have too large weight difference either.

You move the hook with the mouse and aim for the mouth of the fish to catch them, and when you feel satisfied with you chain you just go up to the surface again at the start point (horizontal center)

PublisherÄdelfors Folkhögskola
Made withUnity, Krita
Tags2D, Casual, Fishing, Mouse only, Singleplayer, underwater
Average sessionA few minutes

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